Revascularisation in Acute Stroke

Stroke 2014 will focus on Interventional Revascularisation in Stroke (IRIS). It is an interdisciplinary and interactive course with recorded cases, lectures, debates and hands-on workshops in acute stroke intervention.

Learn about all aspects of stroke management – from imaging in acute stroke to patient selection and intra-arterial stroke treatment. Familiarize yourself with the market-leading interventional devices for acute stroke therapy. IRIS brings together all those who have an interest in acute stroke interventions (neuroradiologists, radiologists, cardiologists and interventional neurosurgeons) as well as neurologists, stroke physicians,emergency medical services, stroke nurses, and noninvasive radiologists.

ICCA Stroke 2014 will take place in the Jacobs Institute (JI), the famous interdisplinary vascular center in Buffalo, New York. The JI has one of the largest acute stroke programs in the world. There will be a good chance that you can see a real case!

Be part of one of the nation’s most exciting meetings about Interventional Revascularisation in Stroke, located at the beautiful greatest natural wonder in the World. Niagara USA is home to a World Wonder, a cutting edge wine trail, adventure and living history.

Looking forward to seeing you in Buffalo!

Adnan H. Siddiqui,
Phil Meyers,
Tudor Jovin,
Iris Grunwald,
Horst Sievert